What Is Bx Wire Used For?

You can cut the outer armor with a hacksaw, assisted with a strong pair of wire snippers https://simple-accounting.org/ or pliers. Wires within the armor may display degradation of their rubber insulation.

what does bx cable stand for

Gone are the metal coil home runs following floor joists in the basement like wild schools of eels. I started building in 1969 and was right there to see NM take over, slowly at first and then BAM, only saw armored on commercial. No, the use of a portable device that would be placed over the handle prepaid expenses of a circuit breaker for applying a lock is not permitted. These devices are not designed to remain in place with or without the lock installed. This type of device must be removed in order to close a panel­board cover and in some cases must be removed in order to remove the panelboard deadfront.

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If you have to tear out a wall to replace a wire that has been punctured by a nail, supposing you were hanging a picture, this repair could cost well over $1,000. If the conduit used is PVC, the benefits are the same as NM cable, low Magnetic Fields but no Electric Field shielding. If the conduit used is galvanized steel, the benefits are the same as BX, good resistance to puncture, low MF emittance, and good EF shielding. NM cable is flexible, heat & fire resistant, easy to install, and relatively inexpensive. In Part One I discussed knob and tube wiring and the potential problems and issues that may arise if your home still contains legacy knob and tube. Perhaps your home still contains knob and tube, or you are considering remodeling or planning new construction. In this article, I will explain current options and residential wiring best practices.

When was BX wiring used?

BX wiring (also known as armored cable) is the 2nd generation of wiring used in homes. It first appeared in the 1903 National Electrical Code (NEC) book. It became popular in the 1920s, and it was the main wiring type by 1932.

12/2 is used for 20-amp circuits and 14/3 wire has 2 “hot” wires and is rated for 15-amp circuits. You can easily find spools of BX cable up to 1,000 feet long. The actual gauge for your project will depend upon the length and the operating load to be fed at the far end. Many inspectors will want to see the “listing label” for your cable so they can verity that it conforms to the code what are retained earnings requirements and standards for cable construction. Be sure to obtain any necessary electrical permits, even if your jurisdiction allows the work to be done by a non-licensed electrician. Up in the northern Chicago suburbs (“Pipeville”) , you essentially need AHJ approval to run BX anymore. They want existing runs converted to conduit within 2′ of the wall in most towns around me.

Bx Wire

Insulation is installed over NM cables all the time without problems. Conduit would only be needed if the cable were subject to physical damage. So no fire hazard with just romex directly under insulation without a divider of any kind? The individual conductors, what are retained earnings in MC, are not approved for use in other raceways without being in the MC jacket. The fact it is allowed in any raceway means it is allowed in any raceway. When it is in a raceway it does not have to be secured to the box, it is secured to the raceway.

what does bx cable stand for

In the case of a two-pole 30A circuit breaker, an accessory device must be purchased from the circuit breaker manufacturer and installed over the circuit breaker. All manufacturers of circuit breakers have a line of accessory devices that include a means to apply locks. These devices will be placed over the circuit breaker before the deadfront goes on and will remain in place what does bx cable stand for with or without the lock applied. Larger circuit breakers can be custom ordered with a means to apply a lock installed on the circuit breaker itself. In addition, while home improvement stores still do carry BX cable, do-it-yourselfers will find a far greater selection of NM cables at retail outlets. Forms of BX can still be found by homeowners renovating their homes.

A Little Bs On Bx Cables Armored Or Metal Clad Cables Used In Exterior Installations.

It is not certain how the term “BX” came to represent metal-armored cable, but it may have something to do with the product what does bx cable stand for first being produced in the Bronx borough of New York. It is possible to cut and rip the armor without a BX cutting tool.

  • “Knob and tube” was the most cost-effective way to wire a home from about 1880 to the 1930s.
  • In addition, all AFC AC cables come with phase identification painted directly onto the armor for added identification without the added step of opening up the panel to determine phase voltage.
  • Conductors are insulated with moisture and fire retardant paper wrap that meets all applicable OSHA and HUD requirements.

If you rip back the metal sheathing, you may find that the insulation is still good. There is also FMC, called by the slang of “Greenfield” that comes without conductors installed. Knowing when and where a type of cabling system can and cannot be used is very important in electrical installations and is often a mark that a professional has not done the work. Here are two examples from home inspections of AC/MC cables being used in exterior application that are not appropriate.

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